Sunday, January 11, 2009

S/He has a two-chambered heart, lungs, and cerebral hemispheres.

Not too much happened this week, other than I told a couple more family members and we are still trying to figure out a date to get together with Paul's parents. I'm sure it will be soon.

I find this pregnancy thing to be very exhausting. I'm already an early sleeper but 8:30 is even early for me, but hey that's when I crash so thats when i'll sleep.

Waist Measurements: 33 inches at the belly button
Weight in: 125lbs according to my Wii (I usually weigh myself at the gym)
Pregnancy Symptoms this week:
  • crampy (but not as much as last week)
  • irritable
  • really really tired
  • gassy (tmi...I know)
  • bathroom often
What I learned: Disneyland isn't as fun when you cant get on the rides...but its still lots of fun.

Pregnancy first this week: I had a couple of food aversions earlier this week...they smelled funny to me, which is weird for me because I'm a food junkie.

My Pregnancy Brain: Fear has been a big part of my thoughts, lots of what if's. I really just want a healthy baby and want to make sure I do everything in my power to make sure that happens

Pregnancy preparation: nothing yet, don't want to jinx anything plus it's way to early and we have no place to store things

Dr. Visits: I made another Dr. appointment this week with a Nurse Midwife, hopefully one of the two, Dr. vs. midwife, will work out with my birthing plan. I have an appointment this Friday and one next friday. :)

Belly Shot: Most of this is just my Gut :/

What the baby looks like this week: Baby has doubled in size since last week. S/He is staring to develop arms and legs and is about the size of a blueberry. Also, see title for additional milestones.

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