Sunday, December 28, 2008

It came back POSITIVE!!!

Yesterday I took a pregnancy test, expecting it to be negative. I started off with a cheap DollarTree one, why waste an expensive Digital one when its going to come up negative, right, but then very faint line showed up. I though NO! I have to be seeing things, but as time went by it got a little bit darker. So I called Paul, he was in shock, I told him I was going to take a Digital one just to make sure...

Holy Crap! Does that say what I think I does!! luckily I was on the phone with my sister when the digital results came back... she laughed at me of course. You want to know what the first thing she said was... do you realize what your due date will be??? See my sister and I have this thing; when she got pregnant with my niece the first thing I said is that she better not be born on my birthday and because I said that she was born on my birthday. Well now according to all the gestational calendars I'm 5 weeks along which would make my due date Sept. 12... my sisters birthday. Hahaha.

I'm hoping to document the whole pregnancy, God willing, and post pictures and updates. Here is my belly, or lack there of, at week 5(at least thats what I think, we'll find out when I go to the Dr.)

Weigh-in: 125lbs

Pregnancy Symptoms: None yet *knock on wood*

What I Learned: I can get pregnant; All these years of birth control didn't ruin my poor eggs.

Pregnancy "First" this week: Holy smokes we're having a baby

Dr. Visits: Not yet! just a positive pregnancy test.

What our baby looks like this week: This week s/he is the size of a sesame seed and looks like a tiny tadpole. S/he is made up of three layers- Ectoderm, Mesoderm and Endoderm. I love that I took Physiology, now I get to over analyze all the embryology... Fun times.