Friday, December 2, 2011

8 months

This Month:

Language.  babbling all day long  he says dada randomly. He has a very raspy voice and love to make it deeper
Motor Skills. Is crawling 11/30/11, Just barely made in the 8th month. He is also really developing his fine motor skills his pincher grasp is mastered, and his aim to mouth is getting much better.
Focus. Love to sit and watch his sister play and loves watching tv. 
Sleep.  still going great had a lapse at the ball and when he got sick, Most night are great but there are still the random mights that he wakes up 2-3 times.
Teeth. still just two.

Growing Up. still constipated by solids but I think I finally figured out how much prunes to give him. He definitely loves food especially yogurt,yogurt bites, puffs, rice

Week 31:

Week 32:

week 33:

week 34:

This month in pictures: