Tuesday, August 2, 2011

4 Months

This Month:

  • Language. He is babbling cooing and laughing all over the place.
  • Motor Skills. He is really starting to get a grasp on his hand he can grab items and bring them in the direction of his mouth, sometimes he makes it sometimes he doesn't. He is also staring to try and roll. He can get leg over but cant figure out what to do with his shoulder. Oh yeah he has found his thumb and he loves it.
  • Focus. he loves is sister and will spend hours laughing and looking at her. he is also very focused on his Sofie
  • Sleep. Its taken a small down turn but is still great. he Naps 3 times a day and is now going down at 7, he'll sleep till midnight then 3 and then 6.

Week 13:
No picture this week :(

First night in crib 7/4/11
Week 14:

week 15:

week 16:

week 17:

This month in pictures: