Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rewind one week

Waist Measurements: 34" at belly button

Weigh In: 126lbs according to the Dr.

Pregnancy Symptoms this week:
  • Irritable
  • Really really really tired (Zzzzzzzz)
  • By the way did I say tired
  • Still Gassy
  • Slight Nausea (not to bad so far...knock on wood)
  • Incredible sensitive to smells
What I Learned: Im actually 7 weeks 2 days today!

Pregnancy first this week: I had a freak out this week. On monday night I had a fever, at first I didn't thing too much about it until I didn't have any other cold symptoms to follow. My mom convinced me to call the Dr., sure enough they had me go in to make sure I didn't have an infection. Luckily everything came back good and I even got an official blood test to prove that I'm really pregnant. And seeing that my levels were a 19000, 5 or below is not pregnant, I guess it confirmed the pregnancy. Oh yeah we finally told Paul's family this week :) everyone seemed happy!

My Pregnancy Brain: After the freak out I really started to think about how much my life has already changed and the baby isn't even here. I'm now living for 2...

Pregnancy Prep: Just looking for houses, buts thats not really pregnancy prep, that life prep.

Dr Visits: Yep had one this week. Nothing too exciting we went over family history and talked about how the next nine months will go. I also had a bunch of blood work done too. I have one more appointment next week then I'll pick my final Dr., I think this was the one though.

Belly Shot: still just my gut

What the baby looks like this week: refer to last week :)

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