Friday, September 2, 2011

5 Months

This Month:

Language. Lots of talking, laughing, Babbling, he has a very expressive mouth and loves to make random noises

Motor Skills. Loves to grab things and play in his jumper of neglect He can also roll from front to back. He's almost got back to front but still cant figure out out to do with his shoulder.

Focus. He LOVES his big sister and will smile and laugh when ever she approaches him.

Sleep. Sleep training has begun 8/11 day one nap 1 successful after that questionalble.  And I gave up after a few days. we'll try again next month. Night time sleep has gone down hill. He wakes up all the time which is frustrating I'm sure its teething and or growth spurts but let hope this passes soon.

Week 18:

Week 19:

week 20:

This month in pictures: