Wednesday, November 2, 2011

7 months

This Month:

Language.  Lots and lots of babbling, Saying dada all day long
Motor Skills. Sits up with no assistance and can even catch himself if he starts to tip. He can also pull himself up from sitting to his knees. When on his belly he can kinda lift his legs up to crawling position. he scoots and rolls all over the place.

Growing up. Food is now becoming a big part of his diet we have now added the following : peas,ham, Chicken, turkey, apple, sweet potate, blueberry. He has also started finger food, he has had yogurt bites and puff cereal.
Focus. Loves to stare smile and laugh. doe not like it when mommy leaves the room
Sleep. sleep training heaven, sleeping really great at night and naps are starting to get more consistent.
Teeth. October 11 bottom left

Week 27:

Week 28:

week 29:

week 30:

This month in pictures:

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