Saturday, October 22, 2011

2 years old


On your second birthday I want you to know that I love you more than I ever knew possible. You make everyday amazing, joyful and fun. You are an absolute Joy and I cannot thank God Enough for allowing me to be your mommy.

Baby girl you are growing up way too fast. Please slow down. I feel like I don't have enough time to soak in all your cuteness and love. You are becoming an amazing little lady, always polite and always happy. There is not an ounce of meanness in your body, even when you are sick, angry, mad you are still so sweet and joyful. This year your personality has really blossomed and you are so sweet, caring, loving and funny. You have truly amazed me.

At the tender age of two there are many things you love but nothing as much as singing and dancing. You love, Love , Love to sing and dance. Your favorite songs are "somewhere over the rainbow" and "i'm yours" but your happy as long as any song is playing. it so sweet to hear you singing in the back seat you know most of the lyrics to about 15-20 songs which is amazing to me. You love to sing and dance to all the songs on your NickJr cartoons. I've taken many videos that hopefully one day will not embarrass you too much. I'm really glad you inherited our love to music.

You absolutely adore your baby brother and have been amazing with him since the day he was born. You are very caring and gentle with him and you always make sure that he is happy. You always drop what you are doing when he cries to try and help make him happy either by ticking him or handing him one of his toys. I love watching you love him. You started off calling him ET and he has since graduated to baby brother or EEtan. I hope your love and patience for him never faids.

You love being outdoors, swimming and playing with your friends. You are quite the independent little girl and have no problem leaving me to play. But you are always happy to see me come back. You are great at playing by yourself and your imagination is starting to really explore new things. its amazing to watch your imagination grow. You've began testing the waters with small things, to see what you can get away with. Like calling me MOM instead of Mommy, sorry baby girl you are not allowed to call me mom for a very long time, i am not ready for that.

You love to do arts and crafts. We paint, color glue, chalk ever week and you always want more. You love Bubble and spray bottles. You love to help mamma cook and  your favorite thing to eat is Peenie butter sanwich. In the last year you've become a little bit of a picky eater but I know it a phase and we're working through it. You are afraid of Men, loud noises like the vacuums and trash truck.

I want you to always remember that I love you and will always be here for you!

Happy 2nd Birthday baby Girl.



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