Thursday, June 2, 2011

2 Months old

This Month:
  • Language. No talking yet just lots of grunting and complaining. Can't wait to hear the coo's.
  • Motor Skills. None :) he can kinda lift his head.
  • Focus. He loves lights and faces. 
  • Sleep. Sleep has been variable, Overall he's been a good sleeper once my milk came in. The couple of days that we struggled was because he was gassy. Once we figured that out things went a lot smoother.
Week 5:
houdini w swaddler
moves at night
Starting to get into sleep pattern

Week 6:
Sleep is still good
lots of smiles
starting to coo and grunt

week 7:
coos and laughter
lots of smiles
sleep good but schedule is varriable

week 8:

Sleep is still good
lots of smiles

lots of 

coo and grunt

Starting to loose newborn cry

This month in pictures:

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