Monday, May 2, 2011

1 Month Old

This Month:
  • Language. No talking yet just lots of grunting and complaining. Can't wait to ear the coo's.
  • Motor Skills. None :) he can kinda lift his head.
  • Focus. He loves lights and faces. 
  • Sleep. Sleep has been variable, Overall he's been a good sleeper once my milk came in. The couple of days that we struggled was because he was gassy. Once we figured that out things went a lot smoother.
Week 1:
Our first week has been a roller coaster, first he had a rough time with his circumcision, combine that with my milk not being in, made for a fussy baby. He did get some relief because his blood sugar was low he had to get a bottle of formula, I was not happy about this but felt that I had no choice, I did object to a bottle though they had to give it to him via tube.

Week 2:

Once my milk came in its been pretty smooth sailing, he is a great sleeper and a great nurser. He is a really strong boy he loves lifting his head

We had a couple of scares this week first, his bely button stump fell off already, way too early, and it had a weird smell so we went to go see the dr. she put some stuff on it to seal it off and gave me care instructions. The second scare was a heat rash. We weren't sure what it was so off we went to the dr. Luckily if wasn't anything more serious. Last think isn't really a scare but had us worried if that he is not pooping the recommended amount but when he does poop its massive

week 3:

I have truly blessed Ethan has been going a 4-6 hour stretch of sleep and then every 1-3 hours after, he 
doesn't sleep as much during the day unless in sling but as long as night sleep is good I can't complain. He is still 
nursing like a champ and is 
10lbs now.

week 4:

This week has had its up's and downs he had some 
gas issues fixed by little tummy's, and because of the gas his sleep has been unpredictable. but on a brighter note on
 4/25/11 he gave me his first real smile.

This month in pictures:

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