Sunday, August 8, 2010

11th month

Language. She continues with the babble. she loves to say Shhh, mama, dada, Ttttt, and a very high pitched soul piercing scream. We definitely have a talker on our hands.

Motor Skills. She has moved on from crawling being second nature to walking in her walker being second nature. It took her about 10min to figure out she could walk with the walker. She has completely mastered the art of moving. She even learned how climb stairs, that was a total shock since we dont have stairs for her to practice on.. She still loves to run crawl away from mommy and daddy when she is getting into things she is not supposed to. She is also starting to master the art of standing. she can stand unassisted for about 10-20 seconds.

Growing up. she has started mimicking things mommy and daddy do. she shocked me one afternoon I stuck my tongue out at her and she stuck it back out at me. I almost died laughing. she also mimics words we say along with clapping and waving.

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