Thursday, July 8, 2010

10 Months

Language. She is starting to form unrecognizable conversation with her self. she spend all day talking with herself, toys and daddy and I. Its almost like is really thinks she is talking to us. th inflection in her voice varies, the expressions on her face speak for themselves. It wont be long till she is talking to us in a way we can understand her. I cant wait to hear her say Mommy I love you!

Motor Skills. Crawling is now second nature to her. She easily goes from sitting to standing to crawling and back to sitting. She especially loves to run crawl away from mommy, especially when she is doing something she is not supposed to be doing. It wont be long till she is taking her first steps and I get the pleasure of running around after her.

6/19- shoulder shrugs
6/21 pulled up to standing

Growing up. I don't know where she hides all her food, because this little girl can eat...more than me at times. Everyone around her is always surprised to see how much she eats. Maybe she'll be a professional eater when she grows up? Oh yeah she doesn't like to be fed anymore.

She had her first overnight trip this month, we went up to big bear. Overall it was a very successful trip and we all had a blast. I'm just sad that i forgot to charge the camera. Lucky there was an emergency camera available
She fell asleep on daddy shortly after this picture.
Plotting to steal grandpa's Porsche!

Focus. This one has switched over to me I have to perfect my focus to keep up with her. :)

Activities. Zoo, Disneyland, Cabin, ...

Sleep. Finally Sleeps completely through the night :) 7ish to 7ish. 
This month in pictures

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