Saturday, May 8, 2010

8th month

Language. Talk talk talk is all she does all day

Motor Skills. She is now standing while holding on to something with no assistance she is sitting completely unassisted now. she gets into crawl position and into pushup position

We also have to put up the bar up on the crib since she is now rolling around in her crib.

Growing up. There are only a few additions to her diet this month she now has has teething biscuits. cherrios and un pureed food like rice avocado water melon beans.

Here are some other growing up thing this month:

First cough

Tooth #4 top left 4/?
Tooth #5 top right 5/2
biting while nursing

out of size one shoe
size 9-12 clothes

Focus. she has almost perfected her hand eye coordination, she is starting to eat bigger chunks and feeding herself..


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