Tuesday, November 17, 2009

First big scare!

This is what we woke up to...black tarry poop (its supposed to be yellow). I just about died of a heart attack! I yelled for Paul to wake up. Katelyn didn't seem in pain or uncomfortable but we decided to call the Dr. anyway. At first they told us we had to rush her to Long Beach Memorial because this only happened when due to intestinal bleeding...Holy Crap....What! Before hanging up we happen to mention than my nipples had been bleeding recently, as soon as we mentioned that she immediately said Katelyn was fine. She was then more concerned with me. I kept asking is she ok? was she harmed by ingesting some of my blood? Luckily she reassured me that she was ok and gave me instruction on how to heal my nipples so it wouldn't happen again.
This moment has defined what the rest of our lives will be as parents, one worry after another!!

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Megan said...

We are going through this now! Scared us too. How long did it last? We are now on day 3.